The Boy I Used To Be is Philipp Timmelmayer´s most personal project until now. He writes expressive, dynamic, melancholic, multi-layered and elaborate music with an interesting build up. Philipp tells the audience about his search for happiness, as his thoughts drift on troubled sea asking the following question: „What happened to The Boy I Used To Be?“

Do you want to host a living room concert? Do you want to tell  me what you think about my music, a specific song or music in general? Got a link you would like to share or an idea?  I appreciate all feedback and would like to hear from you. Don´t be shy… write me: hello@theboyiusedtobe.net

upcoming shows
06/07/19   House Concert with Birte (Maria Anzbach)
14/07/19   Kulturcafé Max (Vienna)
27/07/19   Privat (Grein)
23/08/19   Radsommer am Donaukanal (Vienna)
31/08/19   Gürtel Nightwalk (Vienna)
19/10/19   House Concert (Vienna)

past shows
14/06/19   Gassenhauer Co-Working (Vienna)
12/06/19   Cafe Concerto Open Stage (Vienna)
04/05/19   Kramladen (Vienna)
03/05/19   Crazy Kangaroo (Osterhofen)
02/05/19   Dudes4 (Regensburg)
01/05/19   Bar Bobu (Berlin)
30/04/19   Batik (Berlin)
29/04/19   Unipolar (Dresden)
28/04/19   Sofar Sounds (Prague)
27/04/19   Singer Pub (Budweis)
26/04/19   Nalet (Prague)
25/04/19   Rockstar Cafe Bar (Olomouc)
23/02/19   House Concert with Birte (Maria Anzbach)
15/02/19   House Concert with Silvia (Vienna)
02/02/19   House Concert with Andrea (Vienna)
30/11/18   House Concert with Lena (Vienna)
17/11/18   House Concert with Natalie (Vienna)
16/11/18   Unders (Vienna)
10/11/18   House Concert with Theresa (Vienna)
20/10/18   House Concert with Vroni & Miri (Vienna)
15/10/18   Weberknecht (Vienna)
10/10/18   Cafe Concerto (Vienna)
30/04/18   Gürtel Connection Weberknecht (Vienna)
22/01/18   Cafe Stadtbahn (Vienna)
27/10/17   Rooster Lent (Maribor)
25/10/17   Moderna (Ljubljana)
24/10/17   Hostel Tresor (Ljubljana)
16/09/17   Meidlinger Markt (Vienna)
09/09/17   Central Garden (Vienna)
20/07/17   Old Town Record Store (Lucerne)
15/07/17   Lieblingscafe (Bregenz)
14/07/17   Nadelöhr (Innsbruck)
12/07/17   die Tonabnehmer (Munich)
08/06/17   Good Things (Gmunden)
07/06/17   Pub Loss Sakken (Wels)
06/06/17   Vinylcorner (Linz)
16/05/17   London Club (Vienna)
23/04/17   das Werk (Vienna)
14/04/17   Malefitz (Vienna)